Shipping Policy

We will endeavour to ship all purchased goods as soon as is practically possible. Should we anticipate any delays in the shipping of your goods, such as stock unavailability, we will contact you firstly by your telephone number, and secondly by you email address (both need to be supplied to us during the purchasing process through this web site).

If we are not able to despatch the goods from our warehouse within two working days from the time of purchase, we will also contact you to advise you of the delay.

At all times you are welcome to contact SDW to enquire about the progress of the shipping of your goods. You can contact us by phoning 1800 466 850.

Transport Companies

SDW uses a number of preferred transport companies to deliver goods locally, interstate, and internationally. We have developped a good rapport with these companies and they in-turn have proven to be reliable, consistent and economical over a long period of time.

We aim to charge our customers fair and reasonable freight charges based on the total shipping weight of goods you purchase and the shipping volume. Should you feel our freight charges are unreasonable, please contact us by phoning 1800 466 850 to lodge your concerns.

Freight Charges

All equipment sold on this web site has a Freight Rate. This Rate takes in to consideration the packaged weight of the equipment and its packaged dimensions (volume). Simply put, heavier and more bulkier items attract a higher Freight Rate.

We then use a simple formula to calculate the total freight charges for all the items you purchase online. We totalise the Freight Rates of all items you have purchased and multiply this by $2 + GST. We then add $14 + GST to arrive at a final freight charge. The $14 + GST ensures that a minimum freight charge is established before goods are despatched.

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